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Alessandra : Hi! So, what about me ... In Italy I was an archaeologist, then I moved abroad and I am passionate about the linguistics. I therefore specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign language. For 7 years I wrote the podcast Al dente   on for Migros club schools and I gave the voice to Francesca. It was a wonderful experience and I am happy to continue here, with Quattro Stagioni!

Laura: Hi, I'm   the fictional character created by Alessandra for this new podcast. I am from Siena, but I have been living in Switzerland for several years. I like to do many things:   sing, traveling, browsing, meeting friends ... And also being in contact with animals, in nature. But where to find the time to do everything ?! Well, with fantasy nothing is impossible!

In my Quattro Stagioni podcast I will take you  around Italy and the Italian Switzerland!

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