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Delete the cookies


When you visit a website, it is common for a file called a cookie to be created and stored in your browser. Cookies store user-specific information, such as authentication data, and help you stay in touch with your favorite websites.


We recommend that you regularly delete cookies from your browser, especially if you notice problems while browsing websites.


Select your browser below to find out how to delete cookies:



Open Google Chrome.

Click the More icon at the top right.

Click Settings. 

At the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings . 

Under Privacy, click on Content Settings . 

Under Cookies, click on Cookies and site data . 

Type Wix in the Search for cookies field . 

Click Delete All . 

Click Done.



Open Firefox.

Click on the Open menu icon in the upper right corner.

Click on Options. 

Select the Privacy tab . 

Under History, click Delete individual cookies . 

Type Wix in the search field . 

Click Delete Selected . 

Click on Close.


Safari open.

Click on Safari. 

Click Preferences . 

Click on Privacy. 

Click Manage Website Data . 

Type Wix in the search field . 

Click Delete All . 

Click Done.


Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Del on your keyboard.

Check the box next to Cookies and saved website data . 

Click Delete.


Internet Explorer 11

Open Internet Explorer.

Click on the Tools icon at the top right.

Select Internet Options. 

On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings . 

Click Show File. 

Type Wix in the Search for Temporary Internet Files field. 

Click on a cookie and then select all cookies using Ctrl + A. 

Press Delete on the keyboard.

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